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$106,000 "Insane Profits" on My First Baltimore Rehab Deal...
"Still Not Sure This Is Right For You?"
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...Even More Success Stories To Share!
 $308,047.90 On His Very First Deal - Robert Cook
$168,000 On His Very First Deal! - Kevin Rorie
$158,000 On Their Very First Deal! - Nick & Suzette
$150,000 On His Very First (Wholesale) Deal! - Bill R.
$130,000 His First Deal!
- Paul Georgia
$130,000 On Her Very First Deal! - Clare Hines
$110,000 On His Very First Deal! - Josh Cohen
$98,046.22 On His Very First Deal! - Rob Bailey
$90,000 On Their Very First Deal - Lillian & Stephen
$87,000 On Her Very First Deal! - Alisha Bunkley
$65,000 On His very First Deal! - Cedric Davis
"Howard University Student Makes $50,000 On Her Very First Deal!
$70,000 Profit for Carl & Kevin!
$120,000 Profit On First Deal Used to Fund Down Payment On First Commercial Deal! -Stuart Dukeman
F,F,F,F,F Leads to $2.0 Million Profit on First Commercial Deal for Jeff Dettmer!
"There Is No Risk On You - All The Risk Is On Us!"

Here's Everything You'll Get In Addition to Working Directly With Stephanie & Sherman Over The Next 6-Months..."

100% Digital (Mobile) Training Combined With Hands-On Mentoring From Stephanie and Sherman for 6-Months!

16 (One Per Week) Modules GUARANTEED To Deliver Successful Results: Act Now!

NOTE: Every Module Will Be Recorded and Made Available To You ON-DEMAND!

Module 1 - Finding the Right Properties:  "You Make Your Money When you Buy! Knowing which types of properties are the right ones, and AVOIDING the WRONG ones is 90% of the Game when it comes to Making Insane Profits. We will show you "Step-by-step" our proven process for getting the right types of properties coming your way!
($497 Value) 

Module 2 - Property Inspection Forms and Cost Estimation Checklists: This one Module Alone is worth the entire investment in the INSANE PROFITS Class.

Stephanie will open the vault and give you her coveted checklists, cheat sheets, and forms for accurately estimating costs, and properly documenting property issues that you can use in your negotiations with your contractor and seller to GUARANTEE "LOCKED IN PROFITS" when you BUY! ($1,497 Value)

Module 3 - Zoning, Codes, and Variances: Finding the Right kind of properties (houses, land, apartments, small-scale commercial) is one thing, but knowing what you can do with it, "BY-RIGHT" is what turns you into a Realinvestor. Understanding what you can do to greatly improve the property (before you close the deal) is the difference between INSANE PROFITS, and Potentially losing your shirt!
($1,497 Value)

Module 4 - Negotiating and Properly Structuring Your LLC, Contracts/ Partnership Documents: While we are NOT Lawyers, we know some very good ones who will share in a Private Closed Door Session, what tactics work best in negotiating with all the parties involved (sellers, money partners, lenders) and the specific wording that needs to be in your contracts, partnership documents, and LLC formation papers to maximize profits for everyone involved, especially YOU!
($1,297 Value)

Module 5 - Understanding Title Issues and Title Documents & "Bilder's Risk":  Since most of your INSANE PROFIT DEALS are probably not deals listed in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), you're going to need your own team of specialists who can assist you on taking proper title to F.S.B.O. and "Nothing Down" deals like Subject-To and Lease/Option.
($1,297 Value)

Module 6 - Managing the Contractor For GUARANTEED Success: "You Make Your Money When You Buy, and You Lose Money When the Contractor Shows Up", Unless, of course, you have the tools (and know how to properly use them) to keep your contractor on a very short leash!

In this module, you'll get Stephanie's highly coveted contractor management tools including Scope of Work, Draw Schedules, Checklists, and Contract "Delay" Clauses that keep you in complete control of your contractor so your project is GUARANTEED to come in "on time" and under budget!
($2,497 Value)

Module 7 - Liens and Waivers: Call this "PART 2 Of CONTRACTOR MANAGEMENT". Contractors have a way of sneaking in extra costs, and "playing games" on unsuspecting property owners. 

Even if you do not consider yourself to be a "REHABBER" or the project to need anything other than some "simple repairs", not understanding CONTRACTORS' LIENS, and having a system in place to prevent this "DIRTY SECRET" that contractors play can cost you thousands, and possibly your entire profit!

No worries, Stephanie has it under control and you will too with these documents!
$1,297 Value)

Module 8 - The Contractor Agreement: Yes! It's true! You are going to spend an entire session just going over the CONTRACTOR AGREEMENT that Stephanie (And her attornies) have been perfecting for over 25 years. 

Having a proper Contractor Agreement in place, and understanding what each and every clause in the agreement says and how it works in your favor is crucial to keeping your contractor in line!
($2,497 Value)

Module 9 - Time Lines! "Time is Money!" Keeping to your schedule and getting the property ready to rent, or sell is the key to making sure that your lenders and partners are happy and you collect those INSANE PROFITS! 

In this module, you'll get Stephanie's PROVEN SYSTEM for keeping the contractor on track, and your project on schedule.
($497 Value)

Module 10 - Making Your Project Sexy as Hell! Close your eyes and think about a place you visited that was memorable.  A hotel, a friend's house, or the houses you visited when looking to buy your own home. 

Every INSANE PROFITS deal has to have one room (the master bath, the kitchen, the "man cave"), one area one thing that made it SPECIAL!  In this module, we'll talk about the importance of setting aside (up to) 10% of your budget to give your property an element of SEX APPEAL

Maybe your property already has a "Killer Location", but if it doesn't don't worry because by the time this module is over, you'll know 101 Ways to Make Your Property Sexy as Hell, without blowing your project budget!
($497 Value)

Module 11 - "Off Market" Strategies For Getting (Highly) Motivated Sellers Calling You! This training covers all aspects of bandit signs. You will learn the difference between Active Marketing vs. Passive Marketing. We will be training you on the different types of inbound calls. Knowing what to say is critical to your success.

Module 11 Also Includes (Optional)  - Door Knocking, With Mr. Incredible!  The fastest way to learn what to say is to get out in front of your customers. This two-part program is going to teach you not only what to say, but also how to approach your customer face-to-face.
($797 Value)

Module 12 - Distressed Homeowners/Emotional Moods & Creating Your Bird Dog "Lead Machine": Learning and understanding the emotional mindset of your customer. What scripts and objection handlers are we using to parallel their emotion? You will find this call to be so beneficial to your real estate investing business. 

Learning how to build a “Gold” buyers list is critical to a successful investing business. On this call, we are going to show you that working with less will net you more cash and fewer headaches than working with more.
($997 Value)

Module 13 - ADVANCED Wholesaling and the Assignment of Contract:  Wholesaling is flipping a contract to another buyer. In this training, you will find out the ways to find these deals, structure the wholesale deal, and most important way to do the assignment of the contract.
($597 Value)

Module 14 - "NOTHING DOWN" Financing Options Like Subject-To, Lease Option & COntract for Deed:  What is taking a property Subject-To mean? Don't worry.  We'll walk you through our proven strategies and provide you with the library of documents to acquire properties with little to none of your own money!
($2,497 Value)

Module 15 - Short Sales: A short sale is getting the bank to accept less than what is owed on a property.  Some investors pay guru's thousands of dollars to learn how to do this. 

The simple truth is that there is "NOTHING SHORT ABOUT A SHORT SALE" and you need to leave this to the professionals! While we will teach you everything you need to know about SHORT SALES from an Investor's Perspective.

($997 Value)

Module 16 - HOW TO GO BIG TIME - COMMERCIAL DEAL MAKING! So here's the dirty little secret that your broker does not want you to know if you're a real estate agent, and the gurus don't want you to know if you are a new, or advanced real estate investor... 


Once you master the information we share in Modules 1-15, You're ready to tackle commercial deals where the profits truly do become INSANE!  So Module 16 is all about transitioning to the (right kinds) of apartment houses and small-scale commercial deals to truly make INSANE PROFITS (7-Figures) on just one deal!
($2,997 Value)

SPECIAL BONUS: LIVE PROPERTY TOURS.  Several times during the training, you'll be invited to join us for a LIVE property tour, where we will point out how to use the material you are being given in live situations on your very own deals! (PRICELESS!)

SPECIAL SPECIAL BONUS: PARTNERING WITH STEPHANIE AND SHERMAN.  For Class Participants ONLY! As an added special bonus, during the entire class and for up to 6-months, you'll have the chance to Partner with either Stephanie or Sherman (or both) on any deal that you find as a direct result of what you'll be learning in class. 

What a great way to "Earn it While You Learn It!" since we're talking about
  INSANE PROFITS, there is plenty for everyone, if you choose to reach out and ask for this unique type of Partnership Mentoring!

GO LIVE ON FACEBOOK!  Throughout the 16 Modules (Plus LIVE PROPERTY TOURS), you'll have a chance to participate in the class via Livestream, or watch the sessions "ON DEMAND". 

Never worry about missing a class, or having Stephanie and Sherman follow up with you on a question even after class is over because you can use the PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP to communicate 24/7 during the entire time the class is taking place and for up to 6 months after the classroom sessions are over. (A PRICELESS! Value)

Training Tools Provided to Class Participants Include:

F.S.B.O. Market Domination
($1,997 Value)

"Unlimited Capital" For Funding Deals ($2,997 Value)

Commercial Property Blueprint
 ($2,997 Value)

Life Changing Money ($1,997 Value)

Total Value of  16 LIVE Class Modules | 6 Months of Partnership Mentoring & Access to All Training Materials: 


...And You Get to Bring a Family Member, Friend, or Business Partner With You Too!
(Total Value of Over $49,594!)

As Soon As You Register, We'll Provide a Link to The Private Facebook Group With Directions to The "Prehab" On-Site Property Tour Taking Place on Saturday, October 8th!



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)...
  • Can I really make money investing in real estate since I have no money to invest..?
    This is probably the #1 question we get. YES, you certainly can! Here's How... WHOLESALING! Yes, you can wholesale these deals for "INSANE PROFITS!" Just listen to the CASE STUDIES with Bill Reddick (Who made $150,000) and Marissa Gentry (Who Made $50,000) by WHOLESALING Their Deals. Also, Stuart Dukeman wholesaled his first deal for $120,000, and used it as his DOWN PAYMENT for his very first commercial deal! Since most of these deals are found "Off Market" your down payment is usually less than $100.00, and your EMD is a "Promissory Note", which is NOT CASH out of your pocket. We Will Fund Your Down Payment and teach you how to do these deals "NOTHING DOWN!"
  • I don't have a real estate agent license, what do I do about that?
    We have been investing for almost 30 years. YOU DO NOT NEED A LICENSE!
    While it's true that having a license does make you (by definition) an "Insider", since we both hold real estate licenses, we'll help you understand how to run circles around real estate agents, and make money without a real estate license. AND FOR THE HANDFUL OF DEALS THAT REQUIRE A LICENSE, WE'LL TEAM WITH YOU AND USE OURS!
  • Will this program really work for a new investor?
    Absolutely! We were BOTH NEWBIES at one time. MORE IMPORTANTLY, if you take a close look at our CASE STUDIES, you'll see the numerous success stories of people who went through this same training and achieved 6-Figure Checks On Their VERY FIRST DEAL! We have taught thousands of people how to do this as well. Being new is a great benefit because you don't have any bad habits to break! Simply follow our step-by-step training and work with us over the next 6-Months to get it right, even if you're a newbie!
  • I have spent a fortune on seminars and other gurus programs and didn't make any money?
    We hate to hear that. Our biggest pet peeve is these "drive-by" guru-type of people who just pillage and plunder and move to the next town. Because of that, We work even harder to ensure that our students are well-trained, have personal access to us, and have a 100% Cheerful Money Back GUARANTEE! We won't let you fall through the cracks or waste any money. We will be with you 100% of the way, and if for any reason you believe we have not lived up to our end of the bargain, simply ask for a FULL REFUND, and it will be cheerfully provided. ALSO SEE OUR 200% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE...
  • Can I really do this while working my job?
    Yes! Almost every one of our students is holding a full-time job while going through our training. This is why the training is delivered 100% digitally, and site visits and mentoring sessions are recorded so you can access it ON DEMAND! We want to see you succeed and we know what works. Our SUCCESS STORIES go back (at least) 15 years, and are as recent as a few weeks ago. We know how to teach, we know how to mentor we know how to help you get RESULTS!
  • How many hours a week do I have to dedicate to learning this system?
    We recommend that you set aside about 30-45 minutes a day to go through the training, join us on a LIVE CALL, or join us for a site visit.
  • I'm not sure my family will support me on my decision.
    We understand that at times family members can be skeptical. If you listen closely to Cedric Davis (See Case Studies), his family was initially highly "Negative", and remained that way right up until he got his check for $65,000 on his very fist deal! Sometimes those who know you best and care for you the most, want to protect you in ways that you may not want. Understand them, love them, but most importantly SHOW THEM that you're serious and they will come around - GUARANTEED!
  • This training is so valuable, why are you selling it this cheap?
    "CHEAP" - no, it's not cheap. It shouldn't be. But it is reasonable. Most importantly, we make money by DOING DEALS. You'll make money by DOING DEALS. We price our courses fairly, giving discounts to our GOLD MEMBERS, and Scholarships to First Responders, Teachers, VETS, and Active Duty. When you close your FIRST DEAL, you'll make 5-10X what you invested. If you do not have the motivation to follow through on the wisdom, documents, and resources we will provide you, then we can in good conscious say that we charged a fair fee for the time we spent, even if you were never going to take action and put it to use.
  • Can I bring a Friend, Family Member or Business Associate WIth Me?
    Yes! In fact, if you are thinking about signing up and having someone you want to share the cost with, or simply gift a second seat to someone you care about, get them involved. Take action now, sign up, then let them know they're coming along on this journey with you!
  • I'm a Veteran - Can I Get a Discount?
    Yes! We proudly give discounts and Scholarships to First Responders, Teachers, VETS, and Active Duty. Simply register using your preferred payment plan, then call the office at (301) 218-4333 x221 and speak with Lisa about applying the appropriate discount. You can also go online (After you register) and let us know you qualify at: http://www.NeedHelpAskLisa.com
  • Still Not 100% Sure This is Right For You...?
    If you're still not 100% sold that this is a solid business decision for you, even after all the discounts, specials and ability to bring a friend or family member for FREE, then let's get on the phone together and discuss what else we need to do to make you 100% comfortable that this is a good move. Either call the office at (301) 218-4333 x221 and ask for Lisa, or simply go to: http://www.NeedHelpAskLisa.com and let us know what's a good time to reach back and discuss all your options and how we can help get you onto the road to Insane Profits.